Our Youngest Hero


We met Gus when he attended a Legacy Animal Foundation fundraiser with his family.  He seemed quite taken by our cause and told his mom and dad, “this inspires me!”  Gus is 10.

Two weeks later, we received a cute little gift bag with the note pictured above, along with a sizable cash donation.  Little did we know, Gus was having a birthday party the week after our fundraiser and decided to forego birthday presents for cash donations to benefit the animals served by Legacy Animal Foundation.img_2518

Gus’ friends rallied to his call. No doubt, the promise of cupcakes and birthday fun had a more to do with it than raising money for animals in need! Nevertheless, the report from Gus’ dad was that all who attended cheered Gus’ intentions and big heart to save an animal who needed help.

IMG_2522.JPGWe cheer Gus, too! It is young people like you who will be the next generation of leaders to carry on the work we’ve begun. This is the start of your legacy, Gus! Thank you for caring, helping an animal in need, and being an outstanding example to all.



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