Arlo’s Journey


Giving the gift of hope for a brighter, healthier future is what drives those of us who raise money for Legacy Animal Foundation. This gift was recently given to Arlo, one of the sweetest puppies one could ever meet!

At his young age of 6 months, Arlo was tied to a truck and dragged for approximately three-quarters of a mile down a dirt road. He was only freed from this horrible nightmare when his collar broke. Animal Control received a report on the situation and responded to find Arlo suffering from deep wounds to his legs, chest and paws.  Skin and tissue had  been ripped from his body. That’s when a local rescue group, Houston K-911 Rescue, stepped in to offer Arlo the kind of help he so desperately needed.

Arlo was taken to an emergency hospital in serious condition and in severe pain.  Immediately, veterinarians began to treat the wounds and place him on medication to manage the pain.  A few days later, Arlo was taken to specialists at Texas A&M to be evaluated by a soft tissue specialist. Daily, he endures the unwrapping of dressings, the removal of dead tissue, and re-dressing of wounds.  Each time, the doctors report he does so with a grateful attitude as if he knows he is being helped.

While so many have stepped in to cover the cost of Arlo’s hospital bills, his medical expenses continue to climb.  Legacy Animal Foundation offered to help.  With the generosity given to our foundation, Arlo will get the much needed skin grafts he needs to complete his healing.

This sweet little boy has gone through so much.  Yet, thanks to a lot of caring people, Arlo is one step closer to being the healthy and happy little puppy he truly deserves to be!

Update: A month has passed since our report on Arlo.  In that time, he has been released from the hospital in the care of a wonderful foster home to finish his recovery.  Yesterday was the first day without a cone.  He got to run, play and eat every bit of peanut butter out of his kong just like the other dogs in the house.  He no longer has bandages on his feet.  His foster mom reports that Arlo is really enjoying his first Christmas and discovering the “free supply” of toys hanging from the Christmas tree. It is so wonderful to hear about the joy this sweet puppy is finally beginning to experience!

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