Austin’s Lucky Break

Unknown-2On an out-of-the-way road, a passerby witnessed the hit-and-run of a young pup.  At less than a year old, Austin had been hit by the front end of a car and run over through the back end of the vehicle.  The driver of the car kept driving.

Fortunately for Austin, the passerby called the local shelter for help. As with so many municipal shelters, they wanted to help but simply did not have the funds for an injured animal. However, the shelter’s volunteers stepped in and rushed to Austin’s rescue.

He was taken to an emergency hospital where it was discovered that not only did Austin have internal injuries, he also suffered from rat poisoning. He was losing blood quickly and was in serious condition.

Not knowing where the money would come from for Austin’s care, the veterinarian treating him took blood from her own dog to reduce medical costs and to save Austin’s life.  At the same time, the volunteers contacted Legacy Animal Foundation for help.

Unknown-1After a few days of intense care, Austin was released from the hospital to finish his healing in a caring foster home.  Austin owes his lucky break to the person who witnessed his horrific accident, the kind-hearted volunteers who came to his rescue, the veterinarian with the determination to save him, and to all those who generously gave to Legacy Animal Foundation and made it possible for us to cover the expense!

Your legacy begins today! Make a difference in the life of an animal in need — donate now.




Meet Harvey, Survivor of Hurricane Harvey

IMG_3145Tuesday evening, Kristina and her fiance sat in front of the television watching the tragedy unfold in front of their eyes. Horrific scenes from hurricane Harvey’s path left them feeling helpless. Then a post on Facebook from a hurricane Harvey group for animals caught their attention. A woman was asking for assistance with a small kitten that she found in a McDonald’s parking lot and looked as if it had been hit by a car. The woman lived nearby. While trapped in by three sides of their neighborhood, the only open passage out just happened to be in the direction to this woman’s house. Kristina took that as a sign that she needed to save this kitten.

Within one hour of the post, Kristina and her fiance knocked on the woman’s door, fell in love with the kitten and placed a call into their vet. The kitten looked so weary and hungry.

That night, Kristina began to worry about the expense this little guy was going to bring with him. She became all too familiar with the high cost of medical treatments when one of her Dobermans had battled and beat Parvo. Yet, Kristina believed she couldn’t let that fear stop her from saving this little kitty.

The next morning’s vet visit brought news that kitty’s leg was broken, he had an ulcer on his eye and large cuts throughout his body. Then the estimate for his care came and Kristina’s spirits sank…momentarily. She thought, “Well, I better buckle down and work extra hours to make sure this gets taken care of!” She posted an update on the same group’s Facebook page where she first learned about the kitten and asked for donations for his care to be sent directly to the veterinarian.  The response was overwhelming, yet it was just shy of half of what was needed.

Legacy Animal Foundation learned of the kitty’s situation and Kristina’s determination to see the little guy get the help he needed. We were so inspired by both of them, we took steps to cover kitty’s remaining medical bills.

“My heart is so overwhelmed, I cannot put into words how happy and relieved I am that this little kitten is going to be OK, and that I will not be in debit for years over his medical bills,” said Kristina. Many asked Kristina in those Facebook messages, “Will you be keeping Harvey?” She hadn’t even though about it. All Kristina had cared about up until this point was that he was OK. So with the medical bill fears put to rest, Kristina turned to her fiance with the question. He responded, “Well babe, we have Thunder and Lightning….why not Thunder, Lightening and Hurricane Harvey?” So, it looks like kitty Harvey will have a new home and two Doberman brothers to boss around once he’s recovered.

“While a horrible hurricane ripped my city apart, the goodness and kindness of complete strangers willing to help a poor little McDonald’s kitten named Hurricane Harvey has restored my faith. Thank you all!!!!”

Please join us to help more hurricane victims like Harvey by giving to Legacy Animal Foundation, and let your legacy begin today!

Unknown-1UPDATE:  Harvey is doing great! His eye improves every day and there is a strong chance he will keep the eye.  His leg has completely healed. Harvey has adopted one of his big Doberman brothers as his partner in crime–and we’re told they get into a lot of crime!

Even a King Sometimes Needs a Little Help

FullSizeRenderMom wants to surrender King to a local shelter. She can’t. King doesn’t belong to her. The shelter will only accept a surrender from the owner. King belongs to her son with special needs and no money to care for him. Sadly, King has become a victim of neglect.

King is a 10-year-old registered male German Shepherd. He is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. King loves other dogs (and even cats) and is very good around children.  Due to the neglect, he has suffered from a nasty ear infection for over a year and a hot spot that grew to the size of an orange. Legacy Animal Foundation learned of King’s situation and stepped in to cover the medical costs for his treatment. Two weeks later, King is healing nicely.

An active pursuit for King’s new home–one where the love he so freely gives will be generously returned–is taking place.  If you have a special place for this sweet boy, contact us at

Your legacy begins today! Make a difference in the life of an animal in need.

UnknownUPDATE:  King has completely healed, and the good news doesn’t stop there. King has also found a new home!  His new mom desperately wanted a German Shepherd, and when she was introduced to King, it was love at first sight!  King is sure to enjoy the king’s life now!

Painting Pets for Animals in Need

The Picasso wanna-be’s came out today to paint portraits of their pets at Legacy Animal Foundation’s Paint Your Pet fundraiser. One hundred percent of all money raised will go towards helping an animal in need.




Thank you all for joining us and showing off your fabulous painting skills!  We really did have some Picasso-like painters in the group.  Fabulous work!

A Bark-n-Brew Blast!


There was great fun to be had by all who attended our Bark-n-Brew event this past Saturday! Two-legged participants enjoyed making new friends and tasty brews offered up by Shannon Brewery, while four-legged participants enjoyed playing, ear scratches and belly rubs on the dog-friendly patio.

shannon-4shannon-20shannon-12shannon-21It was a great turnout, and we thank everyone who joined us to make this day special! A huge thank you to Shannon Brewery for opening their doors for this fun event and That’s Amore food truck for providing some good eats.  A portion of the sales from this event will be donated to Legacy Animal Foundation to help an animal in need.

Here is further evidence of the day’s fun:

shannon-11 shannon-14 shannon-26 shannon-24 shannon-23 shannon-17 shannon-9

Kane’s Hope

15541267_626077780898507_8508203135673729959_nKane wandered into a homeowner’s garage. After several unsuccessful attempts to shoo Kane out of the garage, the homeowner called Animal Control to come and get him. Upon Kane’s arrival at the shelter and seeing the condition Kane was in, the rescue coordinator contacted the rescue group A Chance To Bloom for help. It was evident, Kane was going to die if someone didn’t take action right away to save him.

The obvious signs indicated Kane suffered from a disturbingly bad case of mange. So much so, he had eaten three legs to the bone trying to find relieve from the itch and that were now severely infected. He was extremely malnourished with spine and pelvic bones protruding to the point of causing raw spots on his skin, and so little muscle mass it was difficult for him to move. It appeared from the look in Kane’s eyes, he had given up hope.

A trip to the vet also found Kane was anemic from worms, heart worm positive and had a broken tail. In spite of it all, Kane showered everyone in the vet’s office with his sweet and loving demeanor.

Only a few days following vaccinations, de-worming, antibiotics, spray gel for his wounds, medicated baths every other day, and lots of supplements to boost his body’s immune system, Kane began to brighten and his skin started to show signs of improvement. The vet commented that with the right care, Kane stood the chance to be a very handsome and strong boy. But that care was going to come at a great cost.

Kane will need to undergo more treatment and medicine to get healthy enough to endure neutering and heart worm treatment. Legacy Animal Foundation has agreed to cover these costs so those who took him in could care for him without the worry of how to pay for it.

The caring, tireless efforts of A Chance To Bloom with the generous donations given to Legacy Animal Foundation have bestowed a hope within this precious boy–the hope he thought he’d lost. Kane now has a chance to bloom!

Your legacy begins today! Make a difference in the life of an animal in need — donate now.

16463731_1819049498361192_6154369702651316075_oUpdate: Kane has made a remarkable transformation! Following treatment for mange, worms, open wounds and neutering, he has become one handsome fellow. His foster care has provided some amazing TLC and has gone above and beyond to ensure his future is filled with puppy dreams with play groups and proper socializing.  Kane is ready for adoption–you can see the eagerness to begin a new life in his sparkling eyes!


Arlo’s Journey


Giving the gift of hope for a brighter, healthier future is what drives those of us who raise money for Legacy Animal Foundation. This gift was recently given to Arlo, one of the sweetest puppies one could ever meet!

At his young age of 6 months, Arlo was tied to a truck and dragged for approximately three-quarters of a mile down a dirt road. He was only freed from this horrible nightmare when his collar broke. Animal Control received a report on the situation and responded to find Arlo suffering from deep wounds to his legs, chest and paws.  Skin and tissue had  been ripped from his body. That’s when a local rescue group, Houston K-911 Rescue, stepped in to offer Arlo the kind of help he so desperately needed.

Arlo was taken to an emergency hospital in serious condition and in severe pain.  Immediately, veterinarians began to treat the wounds and place him on medication to manage the pain.  A few days later, Arlo was taken to specialists at Texas A&M to be evaluated by a soft tissue specialist. Daily, he endures the unwrapping of dressings, the removal of dead tissue, and re-dressing of wounds.  Each time, the doctors report he does so with a grateful attitude as if he knows he is being helped.

While so many have stepped in to cover the cost of Arlo’s hospital bills, his medical expenses continue to climb.  Legacy Animal Foundation offered to help.  With the generosity given to our foundation, Arlo will get the much needed skin grafts he needs to complete his healing.

This sweet little boy has gone through so much.  Yet, thanks to a lot of caring people, Arlo is one step closer to being the healthy and happy little puppy he truly deserves to be!

Update: A month has passed since our report on Arlo.  In that time, he has been released from the hospital in the care of a wonderful foster home to finish his recovery.  Yesterday was the first day without a cone.  He got to run, play and eat every bit of peanut butter out of his kong just like the other dogs in the house.  He no longer has bandages on his feet.  His foster mom reports that Arlo is really enjoying his first Christmas and discovering the “free supply” of toys hanging from the Christmas tree. It is so wonderful to hear about the joy this sweet puppy is finally beginning to experience!

Your legacy begins today! Make a difference in the life of an animal in need — donate today.


Our Youngest Hero


We met Gus when he attended a Legacy Animal Foundation fundraiser with his family.  He seemed quite taken by our cause and told his mom and dad, “this inspires me!”  Gus is 10.

Two weeks later, we received a cute little gift bag with the note pictured above, along with a sizable cash donation.  Little did we know, Gus was having a birthday party the week after our fundraiser and decided to forego birthday presents for cash donations to benefit the animals served by Legacy Animal Foundation.img_2518

Gus’ friends rallied to his call. No doubt, the promise of cupcakes and birthday fun had a more to do with it than raising money for animals in need! Nevertheless, the report from Gus’ dad was that all who attended cheered Gus’ intentions and big heart to save an animal who needed help.

IMG_2522.JPGWe cheer Gus, too! It is young people like you who will be the next generation of leaders to carry on the work we’ve begun. This is the start of your legacy, Gus! Thank you for caring, helping an animal in need, and being an outstanding example to all.


Yappy Hour Fun

13913762_1363633403650954_8980680901001596712_o.jpgThe day could not have been more perfect for our furry friends with lots of sunshine, a dog-friendly patio, mutt loaf galore and lots of prizes at this weekend’s Yappy Hour held at Pickles BBQ & Icehouse in Watauga, Texas.  The day’s event was all in support of Legacy Animal Foundation.

14237605_1777569219199552_1321630074588497418_n.jpgFur-babies enjoyed a little pampering by My Favorite Groomer who was on site performing basic grooming services and offering great maintenance tips for pet owners.  Afterward, those who took advantage of the service strutted their new manicures for all on the patio to see.


Lucky Dog Training Center wowed the crowd with a training demonstration, encouraging pet owners that their Fido could, too, do handstands and such!  The pup audience, however, seemed more interested in the Mutt Loaf–a meatloaf concoction from Pickles’ doggie menu–than the show!

Throughout the afternoon, raffle drawings delighted those who attended with prizes offered from Three Dog Bakery in Alliance, Painting with a Twist in Keller, Castle Hills Pet Supply and more. The grand prize–a 3-day RV rental from Professional Sales RV–was vied by all who attended. Congratulations to Tim Stark on purchasing the grand prize winning ticket!

While much of the day was focused on the dogs, human participants had fun too.  Pickles’ staff worked extra hard to keep food and drinks flowing, and music entertainment was provided by local artists Orlando Salinas and Russ Hewitt.

14329963_1403252553022372_3052067320460897959_n.jpgThe festivities ended with Top Dog recognition going to Ethel with the most “Likes” on Facebook. It was a close race, and in our eyes, every dog who attended was Top Dog!

All money raised at this event will go toward helping animals in need. Legacy Animal Foundation thanks everyone who came to the event, and all who supported it by donating their time and prizes. You are making a difference in the life of animals!

A Delicious Fundraiser


IMG_4238What is a delicious fundraiser? It is a day of good food enjoyed by great friends while raising money for a wonderful cause. That is exactly what occurred today at BJ’s restaurant in Southlake, Texas.  The restaurant committed to donating 20% of the day’s food and soft beverage sales to Legacy Animal Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who joined us today.  By simply enjoying a meal with family or friends, you helped an animal in need!

FullSizeRenderIMG_2238 FullSizeRender IMG_2233 IMG_2239 IMG_2237 IMG_2236 IMG_2235

IMG_2233 IMG_2239 IMG_2237 IMG_2236 IMG_2235

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