Happy Tails


Meet Sunshine.  She was dumped alongside a busy highway.  A witness to the horrific incident stopped to pick her up and take her to a local rescue organization. To add heartbreak to her story, it was immediately evident that she was in poor health.  Read more of Sunshine’s journey here.


Escaping his family’s yard, John Wayne wandered into a next-door neighbor’s house and was shot. Unfortunately, his owner was unable to afford vet care and John Wayne was left to suffer on the owner’s back deck that night. Read more of John Wayne’s story here.


Only two weeks prior to rescuing 16 ill dogs, including seven puppies with Parvo, a well-organized rescue group was victim of identity theft, leaving their bank account completely empty. Only days after the rescue, more Parvo puppies were rescued from Texas with many having additional illnesses like pneumonia and coccidia. With a total of 29 sick dogs in rescue and no money for vet care, hope for helping these pups seemed dismal. Read how the story ended here.


Young Austin was left to die after a hit-and-run by a motorist.  His lucky break came when a witness to the crime reached out for help.  Read Austin’s story here.


Battered by Hurricane Harvey, little Harvey was sure to die had it not been for a few angels who appeared after the storm.  Read more about this little guy’s story.


Kane had lost hope. Suffering greatly, he wandered into a homeowner’s garage, seemingly to find a place to die. Little did he know it was that step that would save his life! Read his story here.


Young Arlo’s journey began tied to the back of a truck and dragged down a dirt road, ripping skin and tissue from his little body. That nightmare came to an end giving him a much more deserving future. Read his story here.










Chocolate’s story is a Christmas miracle. With injuries considered “the worst ever seen” and a single mom refusing to give up on him, Chocolate is alive and thriving today. Read his story here.