About Us

One of the top reasons owners abandon or surrender their pets is the high cost of medical care. Sadly, injured or ill animals released into an unfamiliar environment have a lower chance of surviving. Legacy Animal Foundation believes these acts are a form of animal cruelty.

Founded in 2012, Legacy Animal Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization that focuses on providing financial assistance to help cover the cost of medical treatments of animals in need by providing grants to qualifying shelters, rescue organizations and pet owners.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of animals, promote commitment and compassion and reduce overpopulation.

Our Goals

  • Raise funds for providing medical treatment to animals in need.
  • Educate pet owners about preventative care, pet insurance programs and other financial services which will ensure that pet owners are able to develop the means for their pet’s care on their own, avoiding future emergencies through care and planning.
  • Advocate and support legislation in the fight to strengthen laws to end animal cruelty and enforce stronger prosecution.

Our Board of Directors

Legacy Animal Foundation is governed by an elected Board of Directors.  Board members are volunteers and are forbidden by our bylaws from benefitting financially from Legacy Animal Foundation.  Meet our board:

Julie Gilley, President
Darcy Mochel, 1st VP of Fundraising, Treasurer
Jessica Crawford, 2nd VP of Program Development, Public Relations
Jannie Miller, Secretary
TBD – Boardmember

Advisory Board

Greg Kocian, Attorney